Dental Implant Consultations; what can I expect?

At Plaza Dental Implants our consults begin with getting to know the patient and gain an understanding of their needs and desires.  Is the patient interested in a single implant to replace a tooth or multiple implants to support a bridge or denture?

No two patients are alike and we believe each case is built upon a thorough knowledge of the needs and desires of that individual.


The consultation visit will involve an oral examination to evaluate the supporting soft tissues.  Radiographs  are essential to the diagnosis and treatment planning phase.  Cone-beam CT technology allows our team to look at your mouth in a 3-Dimensional view.  Utilizing this incredible technology, we can virtually place dental implants and evaluate the supporting bone to determine adequate bone is available to support the dental implants and teeth to follow.

Many times we will take impressions or scans which allow us to make printed or stone models to use in the fabrication of temporaries or surgical guides used for the case.  Once all the important data is collected we are ready to move forward in building a treatment plan and present options for the patient to consider.  The treatment plan will out-line the number of appointments required to complete the case and will provide the patient with detailed explanation of costs.

Comprehensive consultations are the first step in success in all dental implant case and each patient deserves honesty and attention to detail in their first meeting with the surgeon providing those services.  

Bruce Twaddle, DDS, DICOI | Plaza Dental Implants